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Finnish vocal jazz

A sisterhood of four voices and a double bass, Signe have previously melted the audience’s hearts at the Finnish We Jazz Festival and Flow Festival. Their works draw from poetry and the unmapped paths of improvisation. Sonically, the group flows and meanders through contemporary classical, folk music and Nordic jazz.


Signe released their first full-lenght album on February 22, 2019 through Eclipse Music. The quartet toured Finland extensively in March 2019. The group represented Finnish jazz at the Nordic Jazz Comets showcase at EFG London Jazz Festival in November 2018 and in Oslo Jazz Festival's Nordic Showcase in August 2017. The group has released also a self-titled EP in December 2017.


Signe's latest album draws influences from the poetry fragments that have survived from the pen of Sappho, the archaic Greek poet from the island of Lesbos. Sappho's lyrical poems were originally accompanied by a lyre. Signe's interpretation of this is New York -based Kaisa Mäensivu's warm, yet sometimes even intimidating double bass. The composers include Mikko Sarvanne, Sampo Kasurinen as well as group's vocalists Vannesluoma and Savolainen.


Josefiina Vannesluoma – voc

Riikka Keränen – voc

Kaisa Mäensivu – db & voc

Selma Savolainen – voc


"These tautly-connected quartet of vocalists—one being bassist-vocalist Kaisa Mäensivu,[...] —conjured up a compelling and malleable ensemble identity, moving between folk music links to classical and jazz sonorities, and more experimental touches. The sum effect was quite stunning, and ear/mind-opening."

Josef Woodard, AllAboutJazz.com


"Vihdoinkin yhtye, jossa ääntä käytetään kuin aitoa jazzinstrumenttia! Neljän naisen ääneen ja yhden kontrabasson bändissä on sitä paitsi vielä kuudes elementti, joka aika monelta muulta yhtyeeltä puuttuu: mahtavat lyriikat."

Katri Kallionpää, HS/Nyt.fi